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Top China Hotels

Hilton (12)
Doubletree By Hilton Wuxi
Hilton Beijing Capital Airport
Doubletree By Hilton Huaqiao
Hyatt (26)
Guest Hyatt Hotel
Hyatt on the Bund
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Marriott (33)
Marriott Suzhou Hotel
Marriott Executive Apartments
JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai
Plaza (206)
Chongqing Plaza Hotel
Evergreen Plaza Hotel Tainan
Sunshine Holiday Plaza
Best western (34)
Best Western Premier Red Forest
Best Western Harbin Fortune
Best Western Putian Hengfeng
Orange (10)
Orange Hotel (Ningbo Huaishu
Orange Hotel (Jinsongqiao West)
Orange Town Hotel
Vienna (10)
Vienna Hotel (King Hotel)
Vienna Hotel (Hai Wan Hotel)
Vienna Hotel Shenzhen Airport
Nanyuan Inn (20)
Nanyuan Chain Inn Kaiming Branch
Green Tree Inns (Hefei Nanyuan
Nanyuan Chain Inns Hangzhou
Peninsula (9)
Haikou Peninsula Hotel
Peninsula Hotel
The Peninsula Shanghai
Four seasons (3)
Four Seasons Sweet Home
Four Seasons Shanghai
Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
Gloria plaza hotel (13)
Gloria Plaza Hotel Wanzhou
Gloria Plaza Hotel
Gloria Plaza Hotel Kangqiao

I should bring with me to China

What to bring with you while travel to China?
Take a look at our China Travel Checklist which could give you the guidance.

Home Checklist

  • Arrange for pet and plant care
  • Stop routine deliveries
  • Make your home seem lived-in while away by
    putting lights and a radio on timers
  • Turn down thermostat
  • Leave keys and itinerary with a friend
  • Lock windows, garage, and doors

Before you Leave

  • Guide books and maps
  • Passport and visa(s)
  • Foreign currency of your destination country
  • Credit cards
  • Travelers checks or ATM card
  • Insurance: Trip Cancellation/Medical
  • Personal Identification
  • Photocopies of documentation
  • Birth Certificate (if necessary)
  • Marriage License (if necessary)

Basic Essentials

  • Appropriate Luggage
  • Luggage Locks & ID Tags (Do NOT Lock checked baggage)
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Rain Protection
  • Camera and Film (Place film in carry-on baggage)
  • Telephone Plugs for Modem
  • Small Flashlight
  • Travel Alarm Clock
  • Small Binoculars
  • Brimmed Hat or Visor
  • Reading Materials
  • Playing Cards/Games
  • Address Book

Maintenance Items

  • Batteries for camera and flashlight
  • Mini Sewing Kit (place in checked baggage)
  • Travel Iron or Steamer
  • Sink Stopper
  • Folding Scissors (place in checked baggage)
  • Laundry Soap Packets
  • Laundry Bag
  • Ziplock Plastic Bags


  • First Aid Kit
  • Aspirin/Pain Reliever
  • Cold/Sinus Medication
  • Diarrhea Medicine
  • Laxative
  • Insect Repellent
  • Contact Lens Preparations
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Motion Sickness Medicine
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Personal Prescriptions


  • Comb/Brush
  • Toothbrush/Paste
  • Dental Floss
  • Shampoo
  • Blow Dryer
  • Deodorant
  • Lotions/Creams
  • Cologne
  • Lipbalm
  • Towelettes
  • Shaving Cream
  • Towel/Washcloth
  • Earplugs